customer service
surapid is the momentous manufacturing and service provider of elevator and escalator in china, one of the fastest growing national brands in the past few years as well.
customer service
surapid is the momentous manufacturing and service provider of elevator and escalator in china, one of the fastest growing national brands in the past few years as well.

we are here by your side with quality service!
in modern life,elevators provide comfortable transportation for people every ensure the safe operation of elevator,surapid strives for perfection in every link from design to maintenance of each lift to provide customers with perfect products and services. from the civil construction of customers to the lifetime service life of lifts, surapid provides the most reliable and considerate refined services throughout the whole process.
service precedes sales!
surapid elevator co., ltd. has branches all over the country, and depend on it  established a sound service network.choosing surapid lift means that you have chosen the best after-sales service. where there are have our lifts, where there is our maintenance service point. service is at hand.
24 hours hotline service,response to you calling quickly.
a trained customer care specialist will answer your calls 24/7.knowing your equipment and current situation, and provide you with accurate services through the national network of id system. our 365-day 24-hour hotline 400-811-0456 provides quick response to your enquiry.

remote monitoring,professional and reliable.
surapid elevator co., ltd. remote monitoring service realizes the information and data transmission between elevator and escalator equipment and monitoring service centers through remote wireless technology. real- time monitoring the important parameters and actual operation condition of lift running all day long to find and handle equipment failure at the first time.
refinement conservation makes you feel carefree.
we customized standardizing maintenance company for elevator and escalator. within our careful maintenance, your lift operation life will be greatly extended, and protect your lift with more value-added services.
mission surely will be accomplished at the first time
excellence comes from the professional, the maintenance technicians all over the country have been strictly trained, with professional skills, to ensure  to provide you with the most comprehensive, the best quality service at the first time.
spare parts supply is always ready
the three-level spare parts storage covering the whole country and the extensive logistics supply network provide you abundant spare parts for lifts nearby, let your feel no worry about service at all.

internet of things
internet of things
surapid's internet of things cloud service platform is an integrated elevator emergency disposal, archive and maintenance management platform integrating internet of things, gis, video monitoring, 3g/4g communication transmission, cloud computing and big data service to meet the needs of urban elevator safety supervision and management.
the government, the association, the enterprise established the grid command center to realize the unified dispatch and the unified command. within the platform operation and maintenance enterprises as the rescue main body to realize the integration of platform, dispatching, rescue and insurance.
internet of things cloud service integrated elevator positioning, elevator emergency disposal, call center, internet of things cloud computing system analysis and elevator maintenance paperless.
elevator maintenance company and the site grid layout realized that elevator emergency rescue dispatch grid, station and personnel grid management.
renovation and reformation
renovation and reformation
customer care, always on guarded by us

the elevator and escalator product is a kind of special equipment, its life cycle is usually consists of five main links: product design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, renovation and renewal.the manufacture, installation, maintenance and transformation of elevators and escalators must strictly comply with the requirements of safety technical specifications.
with the deepening of chinese reform and opening-up and the steady and rapid development of the national economy, the elevator industry has brought huge development space for chinese elevator industry since the 1980s.
according to the market demand, the early elevator equipment has achieved  the period of overhaul and renovation, and it has already had a considerable market. therefore, surapid set up a after-sales service department, equipped with a rigorous, high-quality after-sales service team, fully responsible for the overhaul and renovation business, developed corresponding of the renovation service control process, according to different requirements of customer ,we can specifically provide the most complete, economical and reliable solutions for them.
so far,surapid has set up many renovation project model works in tianjin, chengdu and other places.
surapid has been committed to providing quality solutions for urban passenger transport.surapid strives for perfection in every link from design to maintenance of each lift to provide customers with perfect products and services.
every elevator has a one and only corresponding networking id code, which dynamically monitoring the working data of the product throughout the whole process. we will make the most ideal maintenance plan for you in advance according to your requirements.

installation management
installation management
safety is our first element
every safety technician of surapid has professional skills of project management and quality control which is committed to providing each customer with lean and accurate installation management and technical services throughout the project process.
strictly control the whole installation process
customer's high satisfaction is our constant service this end, we strictly control the installation process, and strive to ensure that all customers obtain reliable performance, within leading technology and valued elevator products.
more norm than preparative
we formulate and implement unified installation management procedures and strict installation operation procedures, real-time dynamic monitoring throughout the entire process, and coordinate with customers' building construction plans to establish linkage