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  scaffold-less installation

  the scaffold-less installation technique is an great innovation from sujie, which is more safe, more quality-ensuring more efficient when compared with traditional installation technique. movable platform are deployed during installation. 

below national standards are strictly followed

code for acceptance of installation quality of lifts, escalators and passenger conveyors gb503102002;

safety rules for the construction and installation of electric liftsgb75882003;

specification for liftsgb/t10058—2009;

standard of construction safety inspectionjgj5999

technical code for safety of temporary electrification on construction sitejgj4688




our installation team 

our installation team has decades of experience in this field; there are many success installation cases all over china.  


our advantage  

the best in solving problems.

the quickest in response.

the most expedite in providing spare parts for maintenance.

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