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about us

about us

business philosophy:

creating a win-win cooperation, forge the brand strength.

core value:

innovation: chengdu speed is a target for the long-term development of the company, we adhere to the, onlycontinuous innovation, have the company today; onlycontinuous innovation, will have the company tomorrow.therefore, the company will continue to develop new products to meet the constantly changing market demand, at the same time, we require every employee must implant the innovative dna, continue to put forward new ideas of enterprise and individual development and to stand on solid ground action.

the pursuit of excellence: traveler's footsteps never stop,the pursuit of excellence is our eternal pursuit of the company. our goal is to provide our customers to meet their needs and exceed their expectations of excellence achieve this goal, we need a good team, we will continue to create more effective management mode to help enterprises to efficiently achieve this goal. excellence is ourstandard, is our way of life.

humanism: man is the most intelligent creature in the world, is the feelings of the most abundant ruler. we respect human nature, respect for individuality, we insist on the staff is always the company's most valuable wealth and capital, so weprovide a good learning and communication platform for employees, improve the technology and service level of employees, to help employees grow, improve employee life;at the same time, we encourage with colleagues, between the upper and lower levels, departments and multi communicationbetween departments, happy to work, in order to promote thework better.

results: the results oriented company in exchange for profitsand survive in the market, with the staff exchange reward and the development space in the company, the company and employees are on the results of survival. therefore,companies are encouraged to provide value, make theresults for the company's customers. only take the initiative to report the work progress staff will get help, only take the initiative to provide results for enterprise employees, to become the leader of the team, so as to achieve greater personal value. the result is the basis of company and staffgo hand in hand.

to help unite: team work is the basis for all prosperous, the success of the company's most important is to have auniform, uniform target values, unified behavior of thesolidarity of the team. in the company, not good person, only the best team. we are committed to use first-classmanagement, let ordinary people extraordinary team, beyond the ordinary target!

customer: the customer is god, is the source of company profit, is the most important resource of the company. no customers, the company all resources are of no value. to the customer, the company always awe and gratitude, and go to all lengths, to meet the needs of customers, exceed customer expectations. we are committed to do detailed analysis ofcustomer needs, provide the most in need of products and satisfactory service for the customer, and exceed customerexpectations; we spend 200% to strive for 100% customer satisfaction, so we focus on providing customers looking for ways we can do to solve customer problems; we sincerelycare customers, timely follow up service and to continuously improve our products and services.

company vision:

the company always uphold the "collaboration overcompetition" spirit of enterprise, to "unite, persistent, positive attitude and pioneering spirit of the character". we will hand in hand with all my colleagues, carve, hard work, to the pursuit of product specialization, modern manufacturing,enterprise scale, advance with the times, continuous innovation, always maintain its strong competitive power. we will be quality products and complete service system, andcustomers all over the country together, to promote thehealthy development of the industry, and strive to revitalize national industry!

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